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Why Suffer From Wounds When You Can Have A Better Option?

Wound management appears to be challenging, especially when the patient has complications that prolong the healing of existing wounds or increase the risk of new wounds. However, having a specialist who can provide improved care is advantageous as the wounds can be managed well. Experience wound care in Humble from a team of specialists who make sure they manage your wounds, control infections, and promote healing.

At Calvary Urgent Care, the team will assess your wound and your overall health to examine the cause and extent of the wound and formulate a plan as a rehabilitation process towards healing. Let your wounds be a thing of the past by getting the best care from the best specialists. To learn more about wound care and other services offered, call or book your appointment today.

Why is wound management essential?

Your skin is an essential organ as it acts as the shield or barrier between the inner organs and the external structure. It is also the largest organ. Bacteria may access the internal organ through the skin if it is exposed by having wounds. Therefore, it is essential to keep the skin healthy by ensuring that no injuries develop or, if any, seek medical attention to get better care. 

Wounds can occur anywhere in your body, but the most critical areas are the lower part of the legs and the feet, where there is minimal circulation due to gravity.

Due to poor circulation, Wounds may not close or experience prolonged healing. The long recovery period exposes your body to bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other organisms, which may enter through the wounds and lead to a severe infection.

Wound management aims to offer early treatment regardless of the size of the wound to prevent any major complications in the future due to ignorance.

The aim of providing wound care is for you to experience:

  •               Fewer complications and hospitalizations
  •               Knowledge regarding the disease and how to manage it
  •               Increased strength and endurance
  •               Improved overall emotional well-being

Services offered at Calvary Urgent Care that are up to standard to manage your wound include: 

  •               Surgical services including wound closure
  •               Daily physician visits and a broad scope of physician consults
  •               Vacuum-assisted wound device
  •               Pulsatile lavage/localized hydrotherapy
  •               Wide variety of topical agents
  •               Wound assessment and photo documentation
  •               Pressure reduction surface/mattresses or specialized beds
  •               State-of-the-art treatments and procedures
  •               Functional and nutritional assessments
  •               Education for you and your family 
  •               IV antibiotics
  •               In-house radiology, pharmacy, and lab services

Some of the wounds treated are: 

  • Surgical Wounds
  • Localized incisions
  • Infected and draining wounds
  • Open non-healing post-surgical wounds
  • Pressure ulcers with complications

Other wounds associated with:

  •               Infections requiring IV antibiotics
  •               Wounds requiring frequent dressing changes
  •               Venous stasis
  •               Post-trauma
  •               Amputations
  •               Diabetic ulcers
  •               Necrotizing fasciitis
  •               Burns
  •               Arterial wounds
  •               Osteomyelitis
  •               Peripheral artery disease

Walk through the recovery journey with a specialist team at Calvary Urgent Care, and you won’t regret it. Book your appointment today to formulate your treatment plan.

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