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What is Microdermabrasion and What Does it Entail?

Microdermabrasion is a form of skin treatment that aims at renewing your entire skin tone and texture. This minimally invasive procedure can eliminate wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars, stretch marks, dull skin, age spots, melasma, etc. Since the procedure is not complicated, you can have it at the salon, spa, or a dermatologist’s practice. Santa Clarita microdermabrasion entails sanding the skin gently to remove the outer layer, which is usually thick and uneven. If you seek a quick and effective treatment to manage skin problems, you might consider visiting Mind Body Infusion Med Spa.

The process of microdermabrasion

This procedure lasts roughly fifteen to twenty minutes then, you can resume other daily activities. When you arrive at the doctor’s office, someone will direct you to a changing room so you are comfortable, then lie on the bed.

The technician starts by cleaning your face, then goes ahead and performs the microdermabrasion procedure. It only focuses on the outer layer of the skin and is therefore not painful; some clients liken the feeling to a gritty facial massage. You may also experience tenderness, and the skin will appear to have a pink hue, but it fades within a few hours.

After the process, the technician will cleanse your face again to remove excess crystals then apply moisturizer and sunscreen. If you do this in a spa, they may perform a full facial treatment depending on how much time you have, as it could take roughly ninety minutes.

How many treatments do I need?

One round of microdermabrasion is enough to leave your skin feeling soft and looking brighter than before. Nonetheless, managing serious skin problems like acne scarring requires several rounds of treatment over time.

The dermatologist may suggest six to ten procedures over two weeks, and you will see cumulative results after each treatment. If you are keen to eradicate aging spots, wrinkles, and stretch marks, investing in a few rounds of treatment is necessary.

You can apply makeup, non-medicated cleansers, and moisturizers right after microdermabrasion, but hold off on toners, and medicated cleansers as these can irritate your supple skin. Keep applying sunscreen to protect the skin from harsh UV rays and not just when it is extremely sunny.

Can anyone get microdermabrasion?

Not everyone qualifies for microdermabrasion, and that is why consulting with a dermatologist is vital. People who suffer from inflammatory acne should refrain from this procedure because it could inflame the pimples further. Please wait until the acne resolves itself or at least subsides to a less severe case. The same applies to someone who has an active wound, rosacea, or a breakout of cold sores. It is best to wait until these problems go away or you find a solution for them before seeking microdermabrasion.

Microdermabrasion is a quick procedure for solving skin problems that are not severe. It only touches the superficial layer of the skin and is not painful. You can make a habit of getting this treatment often to improve your look and boost your confidence.

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