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What does a Urogynecologist do in Wildwood?

A Urogynecologist is a doctor who treats pelvic floor conditions like pelvic organ prolapse or weak bladder. A pelvic floor is an area that holds the rectum, bladder, and reproductive system. Though there are many urogynecologists, Uzoma K. Nwaubani MD is the best one in Wildwood. This post will discuss the role of a urogynecologist.

Role of a urogynecologist

Urogynecologists treat weak pelvic muscles, overactive bladder, bladder or rectal incontinence, and reproductive issues. They evaluate, diagnose, and provide treatment for such patients. 

Now lets see what all treatments they offer-


They provide medicines for the treatment of the diseases mentioned above. But please note that medications can not treat all the conditions. You might require other treatment modalities as well.


Urogynecologist use bulking agents to treat bladder control issues. They perform injection procedures after giving local anesthesia, so you don’t feel the pain. In this procedure, the bulking agent is injected into the urethral wall to help close the sphincter. Sphincters are muscles that open and close an opening.

Vaginal Pessary

It is a removable device that supports your prolapsed organs. There are different types of pessary, but most of them contain silicone, a soft, harmless, nonabsorbent material. The doctor fits it in during your appointment; if you have a pessary that you can remove on your own, follow your doctor’s instructions and clean it every night. 

Pelvic floor muscle exercises

Pelvic floor muscle exercises that treat prolapsed organs are called Kegels. In these exercises, there is squeezing and relaxation of the muscles within the pelvic floor. In severe cases, these exercises won’t completely rectify the problem but can improve the condition. The best part of these exercises is that you don’t need any equipment for practicing them. You can do these exercises at any time in your comfort zone.

Nerve stimulation

Nerve stimulation proves beneficial for overactive bladder. There are some side effects of nerve stimulation, so talk to your doctor to analyze the risks associated with this treatment.


A urogynecologist perform surgeries such as bladder installations, Vaginal wall repair, bladder control surgery, and uterus removal. Doctors advice surgeries when the conservative methods fail to provide relief. 


Pelvic floor issues cause bloating, pain, and urine or fecal leakage. It can be embarrassing for you to discuss these issues, but it can cause severe complications if left untreated.

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