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Vorsham’s Musical Success is the Result of his Love for Hip-Hop and Hard Work

Vorsham, a young Persian rapper has made a big name in the British music industry. Passionate for rap and hip-hop music since his childhood days, he has made use of his entrepreneurial abilities to achieve a huge success. The self-made vocalist has worked exceptionally hard and he is emerging as the Persian rapper in London , United Kingdom with 13 tracks on the list of his musical works.

Born as Manan Mehrani  in Tehran, Iran, he shifted to London as a teenager when he was 15 and started his musical career in the year 2017. He began working with Nima Nimosh and Rezo Memo  his best friends in Germany and came with many unofficial songs. Vorsham’s rap and hip-hop musical works are perfect to play in clubs and it is suitable for urban crowds.

The year 2018 marked the beginning of his success journey and it is just the result of his hard work, dedication, and entrepreneurial spirit. Vorsham has released many successful songs in collaboration with many artists and his tunes enjoy over million views on the popular Persian music platform, Radio Javan, as well as many other platforms.

Vorsham has gained a positive response for his work in the songs namely, “Gharibe”, “Lat Majazi”, and “Ex Girlfriend ”. He used his passion for rap/hip-hop music to create one of the biggest Persian websites, “Gharibe”. The music of his label, “Vorsham Production ” has received praise on the Manoto Tv show.

And it has given Vorsham a great recognition among many Iranian brands as well as on the Hafteh magazine in London and his biggest event known as “Biggest Persian valentine party in London” by which he also performed alongside as Zed Bazi a well known Iranian Hip hop band . The young artist is scaling new pillars of success in the music world and he performs in many live shows at the local as well as national level.

Apart from rap and hip-hop music, the musical artist also has expertise in Actor and Directory. He is enrolled in Software Engineering at the College of London . And he is utilizing his skills in software development and music creation to help young musical artists achieve their desired place in the music

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