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Vivek Oberoi to Play Lead Role in PM Modi’s Biopic

In Bollywood, many filmmakers have resorted to making biopics on the lives of many famous sports and film world personalities. However, in recent times, the makers have chosen life stories of popular politicians for making films. The Accidental Prime Minister and Babasaheb Thakrey are the latest additions to this list. Now, there is a news about the biopic of Narendra Modi to release in the near future. In this movie, the lead role of Narendra Modi is to be played by the famous Bollywood actor, Vivek Oberoi. Since Prime Minister Narendra Modi enjoys an interesting life story so his story deserves to be shared with the people of the world. Earlier, it was Paresh Rawal, who was selected to play the role of Narendra Modi in the biopic. The title of the film has not been decided yet.

The director Omung Kumar would direct the biopic on PM Narendra Modi and Vivek role has been chosen to play the lead role in it. Omung Kumar had earlier impressed everyone with the famous biopics such as Mary Kom and Sarabjit. Every phase of PM Modi’s life spanning from childhood days when he used to help his father in the tea shop to becoming one of the most influential leaders of the world will be covered in this biopic. As soon as the news about the biopic on PM Modi is out, all his fans are eagerly waiting for this movie.

Vivek Oberoi would use his full name, Vivekanand Oberoi in the credits for the movie, according to a report published in Bollywood Hungama. To cover every facet of PM Modi’s life, the movie will be shot in various areas of India. Right from his birthplace, Gujrat to other places such as Uttrakhand, Delhi, and Himachal Pradesh will be shown in the film. How he jumped into politics and completed the journey to becoming India’s PM will be elaborately portrayed on the screen.

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