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U.S.A National Safety Council Awarded Rony Jabour As Rising Star of Safety 40 Under 40

Every year in United States, the National Safety Council holds the world’s largest annual safety event, where they honor the most important safety professional of the year around the world, among them, the 40 under 40 Rising Star of Safety.

This year of 2020, one of the awarded is Rony Jabour.

“National Safety Council award winners don’t just aim to check off a box for safety. These leaders understand that they must prioritize safety at every level of decision making. We are proud to honor each of our nominees and our incredible winners, all of whom are committed to working alongside NSC to save lives, from the workplace to anyplace.”

Lorraine Martin
President and CEO of the National Safety Council

Rony Jabour dedicate his life helping to protect workers in their daily tasks around the world.

Everything started in 2007 in Boston, Massachusetts, United States.

After work in construction for few years, he attended OTI-Keene State College, also completed two specializations at Harvard University.

Then he went to The University of Texas, where he earned 2 Masters Certificates, establishing himself as one of the most renowned safety professionals in U.S.

“Rony uses his acquired knowledge to raise the safety bar for immigrant workers by teaching and consulting in hazard awareness and compliance. He is a mentor and teacher to thousands who strive to improve their lives in safety and faith, and to enhance the possibility that underserved populations remain safe at work and return home to their families. He takes his profession personally and strives to reach audiences who might otherwise be overlooked. Rony Jabour champions the cause of safety and health in the Latino communities and beyond, with OSHA Region 1 and business owners/workers

Rony Jabour has done more than two thousand lectures about safety in United States, Rony Jabour recalls a memorable speech in his career, held in 2012 at Harvard University.

On the occasion, he explained the importance of job safety, highlighting that his mission is to help save lives. He concluded his presentation by telling that select audience of Masters and doctors: “my job is not only to instruct, but to motivate the worker to be a person with a safety attitude, addressing issues that lead him to reflect when making a decision regarding occupational safety. I am convinced that my work has been effective and lives have been preserved”.

“To be recognized with a National Safety Council Award is validation of the hard work by many in the name of safety both inside and outside the organizational setting. Those dedicated to safety as a profession are passionate advocates for improvement and are skilled leaders and listeners. It is our hope that recognition of excellence in safety will not only encourage other companies to emulate what works, but provide a benchmark and inspiration for what is possible.”

Amy K. Harper, PhD, CSP, SMS
Senior Director, Workplace Training & Consulting Services, National Safety Council

Rony Jabour is the founder and CEO of United Safety Net International Institute, the largest Safety Training Institute in the United States, in English, Spanish and Portuguese. With so many achievements, Rony Jabour is a benchmark for those who struggle in pursuit of their goals. He is an inspiration to those who– as immigrants – face obstacles and overcome their own limits.

Rony Jabour is currently the # 1 Safety Trainer in New England, USA, and is among the best and most requested EHS safety trainers in the country.

The world needs people like Rony Jabour who work for life. His example is worthy to be followed and deserves applause from all of us.

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