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Transcendental Meditation could treat PTSD, Study Finds

JOHANNESBURG – Researchers have come up with a new finding on PTSD and depression. It has been found by researchers from various academic institutions across the world that transcendental medication could help treat symptoms of PSTD and depression. According to a recent study, it is quite clear that different types of meditation could not only help improve mental health but also contribute to increasing emotional intelligence.

In the past, there is news about the growing interest of people towards transcendental meditation and people have got benefitted because of this. Now, it has been proved in a study that type of meditation – transcendental meditation could help treat PSTD and to recover from depression. Renowned researchers from various academic institutions across the world such as Norwich University in Northfield, VT, and the Maharishi Institute in Johannesburg, South Africa carried out the work on this subject. The research was carried out on the students from Maharishi Institute in South Africa which gave excellent results as participants noticed a considerable improvement in their condition of PSTD.

Researchers worked with 34 students at the Maharishi Institute who were suffering from PTSD and depression. Also, a group of students from the University of Johannesburg placed in a control group to analyse the result of the session of transcendental meditation. At the beginning of the session, a test called, PCL-C was performed to assess the symptoms of PTSD. After the session, it was observed that the students who had PSTD and depression noticed a remarkable improvement in their mental health. Again, PCL-C test was performed after the completion of the session, which showed the PCL-C level, 34. On the other hand, those students who didn’t join the session failed to show any recovery with the course of time.

According to WHO data, over 70% of people from across the world are experiencing various mental problems related to stress, depression, anxiety, and trauma. Hence, a huge number of people suffer from PTSD as a result. Michael Dillbeck, the study author from the Institute for Science and Technology pointed that it is a pre-condition to be mentally stable to live a healthy life and to become successful in life. Further, the author said that doing about 3 months of transcendental meditation could help people deal with the problem of PTSD easily.

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