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Top Female CEOs Around the World

Women-owned businesses face many obstacles that are hindering their growth, one of the most common problems is gaining access to better financing or investments. WOSB certification can help offer financing opportunities to women-owned businesses that they would otherwise not have access to. TRUiC is one of the companies out there that can offer insight on how women in business can apply for WOSB certification and benefit from access to training, government contracts and money.

When it comes to female CEOs – everyone had to start somewhere. As the TRUiC CEO Nagabhushanam “Bobby” Peddi says: “We help women in business by giving them the best guides on WOSB and letting them know where they can find grants to start or grow a business”.

Below are a few of the most influential women CEOs worldwide that have managed to break the proverbial glass ceiling and are at the helm of some of the largest corporations many of which are in traditionally male dominated sectors.

Indra Nooyi – CEO of Pepsico

Indra Nooyi is one of the longest serving women CEOs, she spent 12 years as a CEO at Pepsico, compared to the average 7-year tenure for most CEOs, stepping down in October 2018. She advocated for a healthier product portfolio, despite facing criticism, to match the changing consumption trends of consumers cutting down salt, sugar and saturated fats in the company’s products.

She also stated that the mission of a company should not be short term profit and responsibility to the shareholders but should also focus on their social responsibility and how the company can give back to the community. She also believes that CEOs should be focused on running a company for the duration of the company and not just for the duration of their tenure.

Her advice to women that are trying to balance work and family, is that the problem of unconscious bias towards women must be addressed. Women need to band together, support each other instead of competing and judging each other.Companies have to change and fundamentally redefine the way they work with more flexible hours and better work-family policies.

Susan Wojcicki – CEO of Youtube

Susan Wojcicki is the CEO of YouTube since February 2014. She was also involved in the founding of Google and became their first marketing manager, leading their online advertising business. She proposed the acquisition of YouTube by Google in 2006. She has been described as one of the most powerful women on the internet.

Since joining YouTube in 2014 as CEO the number of women employed by the company has increased from 24 per cent to almost 30 per cent. She believes in having a supportive management style and advocates for women’s rights in the workplace, expanding paid family leave, helping minimize gender discrimination in tech companies and supporting young girls that are interested in coding and computer science.

Anita Krohn Traseth – CEO of Innovation Norway

Anita Krohn-Traseth is the CEO of Innovation Norway since 2014. She was also the managing director at Hewlett Packard prior to this position. Innovation Norway is the Norwegian Government’s official instrument for innovation and development, promoting agriculture and tourism, along with helping startups, exports and internationalization and aiding companies that want to invest in Norway.

Traseth is a fervent advocate of advancing women’s rights in the workforce and seeing more women in high caliber positions in leading companies. She published her first book in 2014 called “Good enough for the Bastards” and occasionally writes business related articles in various online publications. Also attending public debates covering subjects such as innovation, digitalization and next generation leadership challenges.

Norway is a country that has far less gender disparity than other countries but is still far from perfect and still has a long way to come to reach actual gender parity in all sectors.

She believes that many women never realize their full potential in business because they are so caught up in trying to be perfect at everything they do in the workplace and at home, not allowing themselves the slightest margin of failure. They are sabotaging themselves -paralyzed by the fear of failure. She underlines that success is linked to setting your own boundaries, having a work-life balance and knowing when enough is enough.

Safra Katz – CEO of Oracle, USA  

Safra Katz is the CEO of Oracle since April 2011 and has been an executive at the company since 1999 at the height of the internet bubble. Oracle is a cloud and software company that in 2019 was the second largest software company by revenue and market share. Katz is the highest paid woman CEO of any U.S company as of 2017.

She believes that women are very inclusive and able to get the best out of people. Industries are going through massive disruptions at the moment and she believes it’s a truly great time to be a woman and help instigate changes in corporate culture.

In an increasingly competitive global economy she believes that no benefit can come from standing still and being indecisive. Willingness to take risks are imperative if you want to beat the competition and advance your career personally you need to take action and make decisions quickly in order to ultimately drive change.

Final words:

Hopefully these exceptional women role models managed to inspire you to pursue your dream of attaining a leadership position in business or even creating a women-owned business of your own.

Handel “Del” Henri, a Florida business consultant says: “It is great to see things like WOSB empower women to step up to their rightful place as CEO’s. In our line of business we can see the positive effects this has on business innovation. Equal opportunities in business is a must”. Del Henri is known for setting up businesses to save thousands on their credit card processing and is a big supporter of women in business.

Make sure you are setting up your business for success right from the beginning by securing the best resources, the right training and access to financing or investments. TRUiC can help you take the next step in starting your own business, showing you how to attain a women owned business certification suitable for your business. This certification can help you discover new opportunities, secure funding through government contracts and gain access to training resources that will help you become more competitive.

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