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Tooth Extraction Dental Services in Tarzana

Are you experiencing sleepless nights and long days due to that toothache? Are your teeth having difficulties in drinking cold or hot drinks? If the answer is yes, then Around the Corner Dental Health Spa in Tarzana is the right place for you. Tarzana tooth extractions services by high-ranking trained professionals in dentistry provide quality services with effective results in treating your prevailing conditions and prevent any future dental health issues. The experts’ team offers a range of dental treatment services matching every patient’s unique needs, including tooth or teeth extraction. To learn more about our services, book an appointment online or call our office in Tarzana today.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions on Tooth Extraction

What Is Tooth Extraction?

Tooth or teeth extraction is the procedure of totally removing a single tooth or more from the mouth. It could be a medical procedure of removal in which a surgeon performs the operation or only a loose milk tooth being extracted to allow permanent teeth to grow.

What Causes Tooth Extraction?

You may have a dental concern in which there are no medical options to restore its standard shape or functioning other than its extraction, other reasons for teeth extraction include:

  1. Too much tooth infection, teeth crowding, tooth decay that renders the teeth structure, or might need removal to restore the calming effect from aching or any other discomforts.
  2. The removal of teeth promotes the growth of other teeth.
  3. For orthodontic reasons, the permanent teeth might need to be extracted.
  4. The removal of troublesome wisdom teeth due to impact.
  5. When a patient needs to undergo chemotherapy, some compromised teeth might be extracted to restore good oral health.

A trained professional surgeon or dentist does the teeth extraction procedure. It could be done using intravenous anesthesia, general, local, or a combination. It is a quick procedure done within a single office visit. Removing an under the surface tooth, broken tooth, or impacted tooth is more challenging, unlike extracting visible teeth.

What Is The Procedure For Tooth Extraction?

Your procedure depends on the tooth status, thus, it can be a surgical or simple tooth extraction procedure.

  • Surgical Extraction

To avoid discomforts during the surgical procedure, you will receive intravenous anesthesia or local anesthesia to make you feel calm yet conscious of your surroundings. In cases where you receive general anesthesia, you will be unconscious during the entire procedure. The surgeon may need to cut the jawbone around the target tooth or cut the tooth before removal using small incisions.

  • Simple Removal

You will be injected with local anesthesia, which causes numbness around the point of extraction. During the procedure, you will not feel the pain but only pressure. The dentist uses elevators to loosen the teeth and later forceps to extract them.

What Is The Recovery Time And Procedure?

Usually, the recovery period after extraction takes a few days. You need to observe the following procedure for faster and safe healing.

  1. Use ice packs over the cheek but direct to the point of extraction to minimize swelling.
  2. Rest for about a day and use the prescribed pain killers.
  3. Do not smoke, don’t use a straw for a day, spit gently, and do not rinse your mouth for a day.
  4. Eat soft foods and reintroduce your regular diet slowly after healing.

To learn more about our tooth extraction services, call the office or schedule an appointment today.

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