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“There Is No Limit To Dreams” – Says Nipun Anand Co-Founder Of Zeal Global

If you want it, you work for it. Period. That’s what the Co-Founder of Zeal Global Nipun Anand Believes. Nipun graduated from Bradford University with a degree in Marketing and Business Management. After he graduated he joined his father Pannu Anand in the construction business. His father was already an established person in the business. Nipun wanted to explore various prospects. So he joined a cargo business. He learned the trade and got interested in it. In 2014 he established Zeal Global.

The company has helped establish many airlines. Zeal Global is one of the leading Indian international general estate agent (GSA) groups. Zeal Global deals with the sales of all the products related to the cargo business offering extensive opportunities to its airline’s associates. It uses an innovative approach, state-of-the-art infrastructure offering complete service to freight forwarders anywhere in the world, and various other business opportunities.

When Nipun started he did not believe he could do it. But seeing his father become successful had inspired him. No dream is impossible to achieve. Nipun dreamt of making Zeal Global India’s leading GSSA group and he achieved it. Now he aims to make Zeal Global the best in the world.

He said –Never stop chasing your dreams and set a sterling example for everyone in the years to come; just like that fresh-faced novice did when he started with just one truck in Bombay.” Nipun believes that putting in the work will always give you results.

Under his tutelage, Zeal Global Has been conferred with the title of ‘Emerging Cargo General Sales Agent of the year 2020’, presented at the 8th edition  ‘Air Cargo Show 2020’in Mumbai. The industry is changing and there are many challenges but Nipun says that he won’t stop chasing his dreams and making Zeal Global the best in the world.


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