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The Platformer Eagle Island is now available to PC Gamers

If you are a fan of Mario Brothers and Donkey Kong then Eagle Island is your new platformer to go to. Many platformers come out every year. And they improve too. While many have great change of pace, others have more intense and action packed shooters.

This game is simple, but it is exactly the reason why it appeals to a large audience. Also, the Unique Platformer Eagle Island belongs to the simple gaming genre. But the game is all about falconry.

Falconry is the sport of using a predatory bird to hunt the animals in the wild. And in Eagle Island, you can send a bird flying at your enemies that come your way.

The design of the game is also basic. But do not mistake it for mediocre. While the base is simple, and the visuals pretty retro the game gives a good time to the user.

Story of the game is also simple. It is about a young man, who gets involved in falconry. One day, a giant eagle takes one of his precious birds named Koji. So, he takes his remaining owl and sets off on an adventure to find his lost birds.

Developers of Pixelnicks did a good job with the platforming mechanics of the game. It shows their passion for the overall genre.

The game also has three different modes to play. And there are also levels procedurally generated in the game. You should certainly have a go at the game. Maybe, once you get a hang of it, then you become addicted to it. Eagle Island is going to be the next addictive game in the market.

If you are a lover of video games, and playing in a small screen isn’t your thing Eagle Island is for you. Eagle Island is now available to PC gamers via the Steam platform.

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