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Teknodizayn unveils Loop Pro 3D printer

The Turkish company Teknodizayn announced the start of deliveries of Loop Pro industrial FDM 3D printers with a large build volume.

Teknodizayn Loop Pro is an upgraded version of the Loop 3D printer, first presented at the Formnext 2017.

Two Turkish companies beta tested the new system: manufacturer of construction machinery Hidromek used the system in rapid prototyping and production of silicone molds, Lapis Aerospace used Loop Pro for the pilot model production of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Lapis Aerospace used patented Dynamide line of consumables – filaments based on polyamide with glass and carbon fiber filler. Composite materials were used for the production of functional components, including lightweight and complex for injection molding parts.

The upgraded Loop Pro system features a larger build volume (500x350x500 mm) as compared to the previous version (150x300x500 mm), removable flexible build plates, laser calibration and modular print heads. The print chamber features a HEPA and carbon filters. The printer is based on CNC-milled unibody aluminum casting frames for the high precision and repeatability of printing, minimizing vibrations and just for aesthetics.

The layer thickness is 50-300 microns. In addition to patented materials, the system can print with filaments of other manufacturers, including PLA, ABS, PET-G, ASA, nylon and other polymers. Most of the parameters can be set manually. Consumables are stored in the compartment with controlled  humidity, located in the lower part of the printer.

The 3D printer is managed either via a cloud software with built-in camera for live video streaming, or offline via a touch screen. The software is available upon request.

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