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Swapabee, a UK-Based Startup, is Helping People Become Conscious Consumers

Swapabee is a UK-based Greentech startup that facilitates people to exchange their unused products with others. It is a great initiative that aims to make this planet a sustainable place to live.

Swapabee has got thousands of users across the UK and it is even considered as the Tinder of Swaps. The app was created to give a new life to old items. And it is also voted amongst the 50 best up-and-coming UK startups.

The immense growth of this UK startup has taken Swapabee to a pre-valuation of $2,000,000. And it is also helping UK reduce 31 million tonnes of waste it yields every day.

Swapabee app is very easy to use for any person. The process of swapping involves snapping a photo, setting up the pickup location, choosing the person to swap with, and messaging each other to complete the swapping of things.

With the help of this, a person can remove unused items from his house and obtain useful items through swapping. In addition, Swapabee is also helping people save money as they can meet their needs by exchanging old items.

Swapabee follows the UN’s two SDG goals to leave a positive environmental impact. It also focuses on the circular economy process to make sure consumer products remain useful and valuable.

Since most people faced finance-related issues during the Covid-19 pandemic, Swapabee has seen a 300% growth in its app usage. It aims to attract investment by running a seed funding round on SEEDRS this winter. Recently, it has also won an investment pitch competition.

The competition was headed by Gary Stewart (Founders Tribes), Jen L Wong (COO of Reddit), Bindi Karla (Draper Espirit), Matt Turck (First Mark Capital, Srin Madipalli (Atomico), Rustin Brown (Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP), and Yvonne Bajela (Impact X Capital). Swapabee has won this investment pitch among 100 other firms.

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