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Summer Projects at District 289 will include Resurfacing of Track and Installing New Carpet

Mendota Elementary School District Board of Education met at the District 289 Education Centre to discuss summer projects. They approved the status of the district’s track and approved installation of new carpet.

Board has approved obtaining and fixing of carpet tiles for eight classrooms and workplace in the 5th grade wing at Northbrook by Szotts Carpet and Flooring in Peru. The tiles will substitute 330 square yards of ragged carpet.

Carpet tiles is the school’s recommendation, after seeking the services and suggestions of top carpet installation in Philadelphia. This is majorly to protect large areas that expose seams and moveable walls that obstruct regular carpet. Sean Pappas, the board’s president believes putting the project out to bid won’t save any substantial money. Project costing under $25,000 (this one costs $10,595) does not require to seek bids.

The track on Stroble Avenue has reappeared, its top coat covered & prepared for a sub-contractor to paint stripes. People can now donate for this task. A committee is working on commemorative bricks for purchase and display. In addition, two stand up air conditioners are also changed by Walter Bros. of Mendota at Northbrook.

Summer custodial staff’s hard work and the teachers who undertook to paint the teachers’ lounge at Northbrook were accredited. The district’s Preschool for All program won a Gold Circle Quality rating. It is the top rating title. This means the program reaches all targets.

School gave an overview of the budget from FY19 presenting the district ended the year $741,336 in the black. All of this happened because State paid revenue on time, there were un-utilized LEASE payments to other agencies, O & M monies not spent on projects or needed for repairs, 3 staff certified & 3 non-certified, and nurse who were budgeted but weren’t hired. Numerous specialized positions were filled by alternatives causing insurance savings. School stated that teacher shortage is having impacts everywhere but is more visible in their financial outlook. Around $400,000 revenue was received from LEASE reorganization before the end of the financial year but their funds will be used this year.

Wilson Wright as 8th grade math tutor, Antoinette Calhan for 5th grade & Deborah Lengsfeld as developmental pre-k paraprofessional are newly employed. Samantha Cirino as 5th grade teacher at Northbrook resigned. Now the district needs a Life Skills tutor at Northbrook & a Special Education Resource tutor at Lincoln.

The next meeting is planned for Thursday, Aug. 15 at 6:30 p.m. in the District 289 Education Centre. Meeting is open to all.

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