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Stunt 101 By The Badass Stuntman Bryan McCoy

Bryan McCoy was born into a family of racers. His grandparents were into racing as well and Bryan was raised on a ranch in Texas. Thanks to his upbringing, Bryan McCoy became interested in the world of stunts. Racing wasn’t the only thing that interested him though, he wanted to be a stunt-double in Hollywood.

Now, Bryan McCoy has worked with many big named of Hollywood like Chuck Norris and Late  Chadwick Boseman. If you want to be a badass Stuntman like Bryan McCoy then he has shared a few tips that can help you with it.

The first piece of advice Bryan has for aspiring Stuntmen is to have a high level of physical fitness. Stunts require fitness and flexibility. That’s one of the most important things to have as a Stuntman. On top of that, being brave is another factor.

Both fitness and bravery are two top qualities Stuntmen should have. Stuntmen don’t do things by themselves, there is an entire stunt team that helps with the stunt. A good Stuntman should be a team player says Bryan McCoy, who is not just a Stuntman but also the founder of Real McCoy Stunts.

A Stuntman needs to coordinate with the stunt management team, or else the entire operation may fall apart. He must surely be a team player at any cost to do successful stunts. Another factor that influences a career as Stuntman is hard work. No matter how talented you are or how fit, if you do not work hard on all your skills it’s not going to matter. Bryan believes that a badass who can conquer the fear in their heart and go ahead and work hard is the perfect Stuntman.

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