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Stockbridge Hostage Situation ended with three Dead and two Injured

From a few minutes before 11 am on Thursday till the early hours of today, a hostage situation was in place with negotiations ongoing for more than 20 hours. The Police officers and other operatives allegedly stretched out the hostage negotiations with the hope of the hostage being released without harm.

According to reports, police officers from the Eagle Ridge subdivision responded to a distress call in the late hours of Thursday morning. On arriving at the scene, the attacker was holding a 16-year old boy who is the son of his girlfriend stepson hostage and subsequently attacked the policemen with bullets. Two policemen were wounded as the police team did not return fire but took cover. Wounded officers were immediately transferred to Grady Memorial Hospital and were reported stable hours later.

The authorities spent more than twenty hours negotiating the release of the hostage outside the barricade. The attacker initially agreed to let go of the hostage but didn’t fulfill it.

The entire situation ended in the early hours of today with the gunman, the hostage and a pregnant woman found dead.

Police confirmed the gunman committed suicide but do not have enough evidence to specify when the pregnant woman and her 16-year old hostage son were killed. The pregnant woman was reportedly the gunman’s girlfriend.

Currently, there is no evidence as to whether the gunman’s suicide was due to a breakdown in negotiations overnight or if the policemen initiated a forced entry into the house.

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