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Sr. Roy Andrade, CEO of Cyber Boy Corp., has Launched his Company’s Video Game Department

Sr. Roy Andrade’s risk-taking ability and entrepreneurial spirit are taking his company, Cyber Boy Corp. to a new height. Recently, at the start of 2021, Cyber Boy Corp. CEO announced the launch of a video game department of his company.

The CBC CEO was not a famous popular before the 19th of March, 2020 despite having his fingerprints in many businesses. In 2020, Roy underwent a massive loss of $750,000 as two companies in which he invested his money declared their bankruptcy.

But it didn’t shake him and he managed to take his software company, Cyber Boy Corp. into the profit zone amid the economic breakdown at a global level. For his efforts, he was nominated by Dr. Rich Schultz of Phoenix into The National Society of Leadership and Success last year.

Sr. Roy Andrade launched Cyber Boy Corp. in order to reduce the losses of over 2.5 trillion a year by safeguarding data from hackers. But he doesn’t seem to stop here as he is all set to dive into the new technology sectors.

As a businessman, Sr. Roy Andrade is working to launch a video game in 2021 to boom his company’s revenue. For this, he is all set to branch out in different technology sectors namely, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and Big Data.

It is highly likely that gaming enthusiasts would see big success in and out of Cyber Boy Corp.’s Video Game Department in 2021. He had already opened champagnes in his office on January 1, 2021, to mark the launch of his Video Game Department.

With the launch of a video game in 2021, Sr. Roy Andrade aims to provide people with an excellent source of home entertainment. However, no details about the game genres or console support have been declared yet. Moreover, the Cyber Boy Corp. CEO has chosen this time to improve the overall revenue of his company during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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