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Singer Aubrey O’Day and Donald Trump Jr. were ‘Soulmates’, Claims Aubrey

It was written by Singer Aubrey O’Day in an Instagram post that she and Donald Trump Jr. were ‘soulmates’. Aubrey claimed on the Instagram post about her alleged affair with Trump’s son in 2011.

Her comments were seen appearing ahead in relation to the MTV’s show “Ex On The Beach”. Aubrey O’Day adores Donald Trump Junior, and the two of them allegedly started an affair after meeting on the Celebrity Apprentice. And she claims that their affair started in 2011 and lasted up to 2012. The affair could not last long because Trump Jr.’s now-ex-wife Vanessa happens to read a few lovey dovey emails that were exchanged by the two of them. Donald Jr. allegedly ended the affair after his pregnant wife Vanessa discovered emails sent by the couple. She divorced him last year.

After this break up, O’Day then dated reality TV star Pauly D. from Jersey Shore. Earlier this year it was claimed by O’Day that she was approached by Michael Cohen.

The Danity Kane singer will soon appear on MTV show “Ex On The Beach” which goes air on Tuesday. She is hoping to find love again.

Recently O’Day had penned on Instagram where she shared her views that she was ready to find her ‘younger self’ and ‘some new d***’. She wrote for her fans that ‘I’m so happy for you guys to watch the journey of an “older gal” find her younger self and maybe some new d*** too.’

In her tweet O’ Day remarked that with this MTV show ‘Ex On The Beach”, she is ready to move on from her alleged affair with Donald Trump Jr. where they were each other’s ‘soulmates.’

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