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Showcasing her A-game in journalism, enter Turkish talent Bahar Erensayin.

This incredible talent, a journalist, TV presenter, and a rising name in the news and media industry, has thrived off of her passion for doing things differently and her incredible knowledge.

Enough has already been spoken about how a few individuals over the years could create a unique niche for themselves and pave their own path to success in their chosen industries. These individuals could make it huge because instead of following the norms, they made their own rules and followed their instincts to get nearer to their visions and dreams in life. So many women professionals did the same, especially in the last decade, drawing their success path, all on their all with the genuine aim to bring about a wave of great change in their sectors. Who better than Bahar Erensayin to serve as an example here? This young woman has been slowly and steadily taking over the news and media industry by proving her mettle as a top Turkish journalist and TV presenter.

The 1996-born always found herself doing things that she felt were different from the rest. She grew up with the idea that to make it huge in life and career, one needs to create a unique journey to success and do things differently to stand out from the crowd. After completing her graduation in journalism at a Foundation University in Istanbul, and her last year in the US, she was determined enough to build a strong career of hers of her choice. She did Digital marketing at Hunter College and continued her digital education in New York at the prestigious Google institution. In 2020, she returned to Istanbul with the strong goal of making it big in the world of journalism and media.

Bahar Erensayin is today a well-known face and presenter at the TV8.5 “ÇAT KAPI” program. Acing the game in journalism took her towards becoming an anchor. She even had worked as a radio announcer and producer and became a go-to name for anchoring and hosting award nights. Currently, she is also the press director of ITU Doğa College and Biltes College in Göktürk. The speaker and presenter believe that in journalism, more than just presenting the news, journalists must first keep in mind how authentic the piece of information is. The misuse of the profession, according to her, has garnered the industry several judgments, but she feels if journalists start focusing on providing factual and real information and news, things can still get better.

Bahar Erensayin (@baharerensayn) always focused on how well and honestly she could provide news, showcasing her A-game in journalism and TV, and that’s how she has been able to raise the bar for other budding talents.

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