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Punch Associates is Becoming Infamous for Providing Poor Debt Consolidation Loan

Punch Associates is allegedly being unfair to consumers in the US with its way of doing business. The company is not working according to its sayings. Punch Associates is the part of a network of debt consolidation. It is operated and controlled by the MHA Nation of North Dakota. After going through Punch Associates reviews, a lot of consumers complaints were found, surrounding direct mail offers against Punch Associates where the company sends direct mail to consumers with below-average low rate debt consolidation offers.

The unrealistic low-interest rate offers by Punch Associates are luring people in large number in the US. People who have a huge burden of debt are increasing their financial burden more after getting a debt consolidation loan from Punch Associates. A debt consolidation loan is a great way to let all debts such as medical debts, educational debts, and personal loan debts be paid by a single creditor. But some finance providers such as Punch Associates are taking wrong benefits from consumers’ financial burden and pushing them to pay back the loan at a higher interest rate.

Most people who have low credit score are more targeted by Punch Associates because approving a loan with a low credit score at a low-interest rate is very difficult. Punch Associates is offering debt consolidation loan at the low-interest rate to low credit scorers. When the consumers are getting a loan through them, they are forced to pay monthly installment at a higher interest rate. The debts consolidation loan is a perfect way to handle all debts if the selected lender is legitimate.

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