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P Tee Money, a Royal Descendant and English DJ/EDM Artist, Releases New Album “I Won’t Stop”

P Tee Money, going by the real name Prince Thompson Iyamu, has become a great example of someone that has grown successful by acquiring multiple fields in life and is an inspiration for those climbing the ladder of success. He’s an English DJ/EDM artist, a royal descendant of the Nigeria bloodline and he studied Aeronautical Engineering in the military. He was passionate about music from a very young age and if you listen to his hit songs on YouTube, you’ll feel the vibes of so many artists compiled into one, while you feel like you’re on a trip to everything heavenly.

On top of having a growing career in music, P Tee Money is also an author, an Ex-fashion model and he even had acting roles in movies like “The Mummy 1 and 2”, and a few more. P Tee Money is an artist committed to raising the bar higher. His focus and determination are drawing major attention from the masses as he continues to build his brand in the music world.

The best part about the road less travelled is that there isn’t traffic. Having a diverse career life not only enhances your image in the world but opens you to thousands of connections and networks.

You reel in a lifestyle that is buzzing with activity. People admire you for your drive to be developed and you gain so much maturity and information working in different industries. These all add to make you a premium human being who doesn’t make a joke out of maturity. Let’s not sidestep one of the best things about being in multiple fields and practising different skills – the flow of money is fabulous. And that is what path P Tee Money has taken today.

In the meantime, P Tee Money delights us with his new album “I Won’t StopThe songs are simply beautiful. The melodies are easy and smooth, while the beats have that typical infectious rhythm to dance along within your living room, night clubs or all alone, or with someone really special too. This is probably the best way to go.

The album “I Won’t Stop” flourishes over club-ready beat rich with cracking snares and kicks, plucky synths, and fat baselines. You’ll catch yourself, either tapping your foot or nodding your head side to side from the very first listen to this track.

The music takes you on a very interesting journey – because it is calming, but also very energizing in a positive way, as it captivates the mind, body and soul. Every syllable in P Tee Money’s music will resonate through your body leaving you with a wonderful afterglow. This is a man who has mastered the art of conveying his emotions with such clarity through his music.

P Tee Money belongs to a select worldwide list of DJs and producers whose music is ample proof that the well of rich musical wealth is far from dry.

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