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Nipun Anand has Utilized his Entrepreneurial Spirit to Revolutionize the GSSA Cargo Business Arena

Nipun Anand is a talented business professional who possesses a great entrepreneurial spirit. He never compromises his ethics, integrity, trust, and credibility in the business arena. Nipun Anand is the founder of Zeal Global, a GSA company based at the Delhi Airport.

Through Zeal Global Group, Nipun Anand provides expert cargo services to his customers. The entrepreneur established his cargo business in 2014 after completing his management degree from the University of Bradford.

Since his entry into the business world, Nipun Anand has built a strong image due to his dedicated services. With his efforts and commitment, the entrepreneur has helped many international airlines grow immensely in India.

Owing to his strong entrepreneurial spirit and innovative thinking, Nipun Anand is also serving as the director of Teleport India. It is an Indian subsidiary of Air Asia’s logistics company. Nipun is also helping SMEs expand their reach in the global marketplace via social commerce.

Through his firm, Zeal Global, Nipun Anand is providing diverse GSSA Cargo business solutions to airlines partnered with Zeal Global. His company offers services such as sales, marketing, and distribution. Nipun Anand gives the credit for his success to his father, Panna Anand.

His father has over four decades of experience in diverse sectors namely, construction, transportation, exports, and logistics. Nipun Anand has expressed that he has learned the intricacies of running a successful business from his father.

He says his father has taught him many essential qualities that are imperative for running a successful business. Now, Panna Anand is serving as the chairman of Zeal Global Group. Nipun Anand is working immensely hard using his innovative thinking to revolutionize the Cargo business world.

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