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Mel G: Becoming the numero uno in the fitness world as a fitness expert, promoting women empowerment on a larger scale.


Mel G believes that transformations happen from within by changing our mindsets for the better.

All our elders and experienced family members have always propagated the importance of health in our lives. But like any other individual, we have only taken it for granted, until something happens, and it starts affecting us. We slowly drive towards making our health system worse day by day by making awful choices regarding our lifestyles and this directly impacts our health in many ways. But, as they say, it is through experiences only that human beings learn things. After hopping from one gym to another, they still do not get satisfied with the results and start blaming the trainer or the gym for not getting the results they seek. What people do not see is that their rigid mindsets pose as a hindrance in making them achieve their fitness goals and lack of attention to their mental and emotional wellbeing. Making us realize the importance of these things and wanting to change the lives of women from all over the world is a fitness mentor and entrepreneur named Mel G (@melgfit).

Making us see what our conscience tells us, to listen to what our heart seeks and to see a deeper meaning behind fitness is what Mel G keeps working for. This positive attitude of hers is what she wants to spread amongst all, especially women. To do this, she has even started a movement for women empowerment during the lockdown period amidst a pandemic, to cater to all such women who fight every day with their emotional and mental demons but who fear to take them out. Through fitness, Mel G tries to take out all that is inside them and fill their heart and mindset with a lot of positivity. With this, women get more encouraged to focus on fitness and improve their health and wellbeing both in all ways possible.

Fit-Esteem is Mel G’s brand and it focuses on how fitness meets mindsets. The brand aims to empower women by increasing their self-confidence. For this, they toured to many different cities where they have impacted mindsets through boot camps. Talk about her transformations, top-selling E-books, fitness products or solutions all have gained monumental recognition in the industry and still her popularity is increasing across various mediums.

Moving with a firm mind, wanting to mould the mindsets of women and transforming their lives is a mission, very few women fitness entrepreneurs have worked for so far and Mel G proves her noble intentions to make a positive difference in women’s life by being their partner making them walk the path of success through fitness.

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