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Meet Scott Hughes, an Entrepreneur and Writer, Who Started The OnlineBookClub for Book Lovers

Doing what you love is a big achievement as it gives immense pleasure and satisfaction to a person. Scott Hughes is a writer and entrepreneur who started his company, the OnlineBookClub, 15 years ago in 2006.

He is an avid reader and loves to write creative stuff. As a result, Scott Hughes has many non-fictional books and a fictional book to his name.

In 2006, the entrepreneur started his forum site,, to allow book lovers to discuss books globally. At that time, his motive was to create a platform better than the already available traditional platforms. 

Thus, Scott Hughes created OnlineBookClub, a free website to read a book from anywhere and anytime. Contrary to his expectations, his online company enjoys over 2 million members and competes with many competitors.

Scott Hughes is a father of two children, Tristen and Amaya. Besides, he is an elected member of the Board of Education in his hometown, Manchester, CT.

The writer & entrepreneur spends most of his time writing new stuff and running his company, OnlineBookClub. He is a busy personality, yet he finds some time for his hobbies to engage in physical activity in a daily routine.

At, readers can get information about the latest and upcoming books. And writers can show their work to readers and they can seek reviews from expert writers.

This way, they can connect with a whole lot of audiences from using this platform. Today, Scott Hughes enjoys a successful life that he least anticipated when he started working on OnlineBookClub.

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