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Meditation is Helping People Achieve Self Improvement and Tap into Mental States of Higher Consciousness

When it comes to managing the challenges of this fast-paced life, one needs to slow down, become mindful of ones breathing, and focus on achieving calmness of mind. In the course of striving to build a life for oneself, it has become a challenge to live a well-balanced life. Everything, from flashy image-driven social media to rushing to the Apple store to purchase the latest over-priced I-Phone, has caused us as a global society to become more steadily disconnected from life and more importantly from each other. Technology has its benefits, but at what cost? Somehow within this pursuit of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) we often find ourselves continuously working all day, enduring sleepless nights, repeatedly stressed out and thus, pursuing peace becomes a task in itself.

Chronic stress causes numerous problems throughout both, body, and mind. Medical research has shown that one of the most effective natural solutions to combat and reduce the negative impacts of these stressors is through the continual practice of some form of meditation. All around the world, millions of people are now waking up to the benefits of engaging in meditation for improving their overall work /life balance. A side benefit that has also been observed is meditation’s ability to help the practitioner tap into higher mental states of consciousness.

Finding Solutions

As the saying goes, “Knowing the path is one thing, walking the path for yourself is another.” To help you achieve that, celebrity self-help author, Prometheus Worley, has written an interesting title called “Wisdom From The Worlds Greatest Gurus: Imagine Transforming Your Life, One Thought At A Time”, which is helping thousands of people improve their lives through stress-reducing, reflective meditation. His “One Thought At a Time” meditative concept, well known throughout the East, is starting to catch on and growing in popularity. Meditation has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, especially post 2012 as people have found it has positively impacted multiple areas within their lives. Amidst the pandemic, meditation numbers increased significantly and provided much needed relief for front line workers and millions of people all around the world.

Overall, its benefits are numerous and possess the intrinsic keys to happiness, health, and a world of unlimited possibilities, which science is just now starting to realize.

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