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League Of Legends Launched New Game Mode, Teamfight Tactics

League Of Legend, the popular PC game launched its new game mode known as Teamfight Tactics, a few days ago. As soon as it went live on the PBE testing servers, thousands of players gathered online to try it. With the introduction of  Teamfight Tactics, players will have more fun to enjoy their games. This launch has placed League Of Legends in the category of Auto Chess craze, an ‘autobattler’ mode based game.

Teamfight Tactics will give autobattler games a social angle. In this game, the two players will get to know about each other’s moves and the reason for them. It is based on the mega-popular Dota 2 mod Auto Chess. Before the launch of Teamfight Tactics, the two players could watch each other playing Dota Auto Chess with the help of a Discord stream. In the case of Teamfight Tactics, both the players will have their own skin in the game and everyone can watch their fight in a real-time based environment.

League Of Legend’s Teamfight Tactics is a unique game which is available for free to play through the LoL client. Efforts have been made by developers to make this game social by introducing a feature to enter a Shared Draft after every few rounds. And every match of this game begins with a Shared Draft. Every match of the game is fresh and offers a lot of fun to players. Teamfight Tactics would roll over different corners of the world in the next few days. Until now, it has been launched in Japan, Australia, America, and European regions.

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