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Kejriwal Asks PM to Show Sahara-Birla, Rafale Files

NEW DELHI – In an attack at the BJP government, New Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal blamed PM Narendra Modi of creating hindrance in the path of AAP’s working in Delhi. He said BJP government had scanned 400 files of New Delhi government to find irregularities in its working. However, the BJP government could not succeed in finding any mistake in AAP’s work. While addressing the National Council Meeting of Aam Aadmi Party, Kejriwal challenged PM Modi to show only four files related to Sahara Birla and Rafale Deal. Further, he assured PM Modi to send him to jail once he exposed all the four files related to Sahara Birla and Rafale Deal.

“The Centre took and examined our 400 files to find irregularities, but could not find any. PM Modi himself gave us a certificate of honesty. I always say if PM Modi shows us four of his files, he will end up landing in jail,” Mr. Kejriwal said. The Delhi CM questioned the BJP government for interfering in the working of a state government. He said, even the rights to transfer his people does not lie in the hands of Delhi CM and that BJP government has left no stone unturned to stop AAP from performing well. Also, he slammed BJP government for posting worst officers in the Education and Health department in Delhi, when AAP was doing well.

“I don’t see anywhere in the country or in the world that a Chief Minister elected by the people could not even transfer a peon working under him. The Centre holds the power to transfer the officers but we have been asked to make them work. The public has voted for us, but powers are with the Centre,” Kejriwal added.

“But Manish (Sisodia) and Satyendra (Jain) ensured that these officers worked. Only we know how we handled the dictatorship of the Centre. They also used all possible agencies against us including the police and CBI to humiliate us,” Mr. Kejriwal said. Also, he slammed the Centre for using the Income Tax department and the ED against them.

Kejriwal compared the development of Delhi especially in the Education and Health sector with other states. He claimed that what his government has achieved in the last three years, the Gujrat government has not been able to do so in even 15-20 years. Kejriwal said still there are a lot of challenges to come in the path of AAP so all it needs to do is to dedicate itself for the welfare of the nation.

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