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Jiten Thakkar Tops the List of Most Iconic Leaders to Watch in 2021

The digital entrepreneurship requires constant invocation and quick adaptability with changing times and newer problems, there are digital innovators and entrepreneurs who contribute many remarkable changes to the digital world. Jiten Thakkar, a digital marketer and entrepreneur, is a prominent name in this context.

This entrepreneur is not just writing his success story, but he is also helping budding digital entrepreneurs succeed in a hassle-free way. With his intense efforts and over a decade-long experience, Jiten Thakkar has founded his business firm, Local Forever, which is majorly a solution to the problem of local business owners who want to get digital and grow their business using the internet marketing medium.

Jiten Thakkar is blessed with visionary thinking and exemplary leadership to help local businesses succeed digitally. The digital marketer considers it is important for local businesses to embrace digitization and use digital marketing strategy correctly to grow their business.

To help offline businesses grow in the digital space, Jiten Thakkar founded his business firm, Local Forever. He was very well aware that many offline businesses don’t have the knowledge and upfront capital in the current situation to progress in the digital world.

Hence, Jiten Thakkar designed his full-fledged website with unique subscription pricing service through his firm, Local Forever. He is using his vision and leadership to use the latest digital trends for the growth of his esteemed clientele in the digital world. His clients range from popular brands to new startups and with his passion & experience he delivers impeccable solutions to the underlying challenges.

The plans made available by him via Local Forever provide domain name, hosting, SSL, professional email id, to name a few. Jiten Thakkar doesn’t just help businesses grow traffic on their websites but also facilitates them to explore business opportunities to expand themselves to a wide spectrum of audiences through various channels of marketing.

The digital marketer considers it as a goal of his entrepreneurial journey. He has helped many local businesses grow their revenues drastically by embracing the digital wave.

Besides, Jiten Thakkar facilitates emerging digital entrepreneurs to remain motivated and happy while pursuing their entrepreneurial journey in the digital environment.

Only a true leader with a clear vision can guide businesses towards their growth path in the competitive digital environment. Hence, it would not be wrong to say Jiten Thakkar totally deserves to top the business sight’s list of most iconic leaders to watch in 2021 & making it to the cover of the June 2021 edition of the business sight magazine.

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