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Jakob Hager has Solved the Problem of German Medium-Sized Companies to Get Expert Marketing Professionals

The online marketing expert and software entrepreneur, Jakob Hager, is helping German small-sized companies get expert online marketing professionals to promote their products and services. Jakob Hager has launched an online education program to teach campaign management to participants.

Jakob Hager noticed the problem of many small companies in the German-speaking area (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) to find expert digital marketing professionals at affordable prices. German companies looking for expert professionals for running Facebook, Instagram, Google, and other marketing campaigns can now get the required candidates with the help of this Campaign Management online program.

According to Jakob Hager, the program is designed in such a fashion in order to produce expert professionals to help German small-sized companies get a capable workforce at affordable prices. The digital marketing expert has added that participants will be able to work independently and offer their services for local businesses.

Since the demand for expert performance marketing professionals is increasing on a large scale, Jakob Hager has launched this online education program for Campaign Management to provide the required workforce for this task. In addition to this, he has also written a book in the German language to teach new methods of attracting customers.

Born in Vienna, Australia, Jakob Hager had traveled to San Franciso to learn about marketing skills. Now, he is currently staying in Dubai since 2017 and successfully running two software companies namely, Mentortools and Masterpages. Through these companies, Jakob Hager offers membership area for online entrepreneurs and provides specialized lead generation websites for businesses.


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