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Increase Your Tax Refunds Through Some Creative Methods

Tax Season is going to begin very soon. And it is time when many people will start considering filing their taxes in order to receive tax refunds. While some people are not very happy about the ways of govt. to spend their tax money, many people are also looking for ways to boost their tax returns.

For most of the Americans, the money their receive as tax refund is their biggest paycheck in the year. And to boost that, many tax experts have recommended the help of TurboTax 2021 filing system. For the seventh year in a row, TurboTax is offering free Federal and state tax filing services.

Here are some popular and creative ideas using which you can increase your tax returns even more.

  • Almost 96% of married couples file their tax returns jointly. However, it might not be a beneficial idea if, let’s say, one spouse has a lot of medical expenses. Filing individually will bring larger returns overall.
  • You may also subtract all or part of your state and local sales taxes from your federal taxable income, based on the IRS’ calculator.
  • Not only does giving to charity allow you to deduct a portion of your income, but you may also get write-offs for other expenses. Keep an eye on the qualifying little costs as well, such as the ingredients for your delicious cake that you handed out at the bake sale.
  • You may take a student loan deduction for any money that you paid into a qualified education plan, even if it wasn’t paid out by you.
  • Claim Tax Credits. Credits are typically more effective than deductions as tax refund boosters since they are dollar-for-dollar reductions in your taxes.

These few methods will definitely help you boost your tax returns for the next year. Try them out this year!


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