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Improve Your Energy and Vitality through Personalized Wellness Programs in Virginia

Do you want to feel more energy and vitality? Whether you wish to adopt or lose weight, Dr. Chaudhary and Dr. Rohit Suri at Nova Physician Wellness Center can offer you the help you need. At their welcoming offices in Ashburn and Fairfax, VA, the practice provides comprehensive wellness services that help you avoid diseases, restore optimal health and attain your desired goals. To get started, contact an Ashburn wellness specialist today through mobile or use the online booking tool.

What Is The Significance of A Wellness Program?

Regardless of your health history, age, or weight, at Nova Physician Wellness Center, Dr. Rohit Suri and Dr. Chaudhary can work with you to attain optimal overall health. These providers take an individualized yet holistic approach to your wellness, as they manage factors such as diet, chronic disease, behavioral change, weight loss, and much more.

During your consultation with Dr. Chaudhary and Dr. Suri, you’ll receive an extensive evaluation to determine nutritional, medical, and physical therapies that best suit your unique wellness and physique goals. A wellness program will help you in the following ways:

  • Disease prevention and management.
  • Navigate emotional, social, and mental obstacles to your well-being.
  • Weight maintenance or weight loss.
  • Exercise your physique.
  • Eating habits adjustment to support long-term wellness.

Dr. Chaudhary and Dr. Suri look forward to knowing you and establishing a connection of mutual trust and respect, which will last during your treatment phases. The Nova Physician Wellness providers emphasize complete wellness, including a healthy mind, spirit, and body.

What Constitutes Your Wellness Program?

Your customized wellness program might include one or more of the following services:

  • Extensive Medical Examination.

The practitioners assess your health history and go through your behavioral, lifestyle, medical, and nutritional factors to make sure they have an extensive understanding of your current health. This examination might also include a full physical.

  • Lab Work

If necessary, your provider will conduct regular blood tests, including thyroid profile, lipid panel, blood count, and an extensive metabolic panel.

  • Electrocardiogram

An electrocardiogram (EKG) may be necessary, according to your medical examination. It evaluates your heart’s health.

  • Diet And Exercise

The providers customize your exercise and diet program to help you attain your goals, including meal replacement options, supplements, and real and whole foods.

  • Behavioral And Lifestyle Counselling

Emotional and psychological factors play a huge role in weight management. Counseling services help address the triggers for inappropriate eating by identifying and informing patients of these issues’ effects and the options available for progressive management.

That said, full-body wellness is a continuous process that improves with time. Nonetheless, with a certified obesity medicine expert’s advice, it is possible to restore health and regain balance. Patients of Nova Physician Wellness Center can expect enhanced mood, weight loss, increased vitality, and energy. The individual results vary from one patient to another. To find out about the personalized wellness programs offered by Dr. Chaudhary and Dr. Suri, call the Nova Physician Wellness Center’s office or use the online booking tool to schedule an appointment.

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