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‘Human Sacrifice’ Victims Unearthed in Peru

Burial sites across the world offer glimpse of what happened in the Iron Age, also known as the blood soaking era.

In Peru, experts have unraveled gruesome details of a ritual sacrifice site which was believed to have existed since the 15th century. It was revealed that the site contains the remains of about 140 children who were believed to be sacrificed.

Also, beneath the streets of modern Mexico City, it was discovered that a vast array of human skulls were buried there. This offered a glimpse to what happened during the Aztec human sacrifice era.

Still in Mexico City, Experts found sacrificial remains while excavating the base of Templo Mayor temple site in downtown. Among other things discovered at the temple was the body of nine years old boy who was dressed like a Huitzilopochtli who doubled as both Aztec god of the sun and Aztec god of war. It was believed that Aztec used to offer human sacrifice to this Deity.

Also in Israel, archaeologists have uncovered a rare gold coin and a 900 years old golden earrings at a site which was discovered to be a Crusader massacre site.

In Scotland, researchers have discovered an ancient artifact in a fort which was assumed to have been ruined during one of the Vikings attacks on Scotland.

Recently in the U.K, workers working on water pipes have also discovered an ancient burial site in Childrey Warren, Oxfordshire where about 26 human skeletons were found. It was believed that the bodies had been buried there since the Iron Age and the periods of the Roman Empire about 3000 years ago.

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