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How to Enhance Your Fat-Deficient Facial Features With Fat Grafting

As you age, you are likely to have noticeable signs that will make you appear old. Particularly facial structures, including lips, cheeks, and eyes may depict aging signs. To achieve optimal results of removal, you need to contact a plastic surgery professional in whose hands the procedure will not backfire. Dr. Dustin Heringer is the best Peoria oculofacial plastic surgeon whose carefully tailored treatments will boost your self-confidence, giving you natural-looking results. Fat grafting is among the conservative rejuvenation methods Dr. Heringer will recommend to counteract your aging signs and add volume to your sunken facial features. The treatment entails harvesting fat from your body’s specific areas and re-injecting it in your fat-deficient areas. 

When can your doctor recommend fat grafting?

Facial creases like smile lines, laugh lines and crow’s feet might make your facial structures appear tired and unhealthy. The aging signs prompt your doctor to harvest fat from your thighs or abdomen and inject it into your face. Your surgeon may also use the harvested fat to enhance the appearance of deep furrows appearing between your mouth and nose, minimize wrinkles, and correct other facial depressions. Fat grafting might also be your best option when you want to fill in acne scars. Your surgeon will most likely recommend an autologous fat transfer when:

  •         You have sunken and creased facial structures.
  •         You wish to rejuvenate your hands, enhance your body contours, and fill bodily depressions.
  •         You want to achieve a long-lasting solution rather than what temporary fillers offer
  •         You want to make your breasts voluminous or conceal visible breast implant signs.

What should you expect from a fat transfer procedure?

Before the treatment, your doctor performs liposuction from a donor site before washing and purifying the fat. When the fat is clean and ready for use, the healthcare provider will re-inject it in your treatment sites with special needles. To achieve the best results, the professional might advise you to go for several fat grafting procedures. The three-stage treatment involves the following processes:


As the first stage of the process, you will discuss with your surgeon the donor site that the professional will remove fat. During harvesting, the health expert will inject your treatment site with local anesthesia before making a tiny incision through which he will remove the harvested fat. The last step of the stage prompts your surgeon to insert a syringe that has a cannula to extract the fat carefully.

Purification and transfer

Once your surgeon has harvested enough fat from your donor area, he will process the fat and prepare it before transferring it in the tiny syringes he will use for transfer. During purification, the expert will spin the fat using a centrifuge to eliminate impurities (if any).


Before transferring the fat, your doctor will prepare your treatment area and make it ready to receive the fat. He will then administer the fat carefully in your natural tissue planes by injecting your treatment area several times until he covers the entire treatment area.  

Deep grooves rushing down your mouth from your nose and bony cheeks will shout your age even before telling someone your actual age. Contact your surgeon today to discuss your fat grafting options and how the process can help restore your aging signs. 

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