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How to Correctly Use a Half Moon Pillow

A half moon pillow is a multi-position bolster pillow that offers an affordable substitute for relieving a range of body pains. Also known as a half-cylinder pillow, it is named after its unique shape that resembles a half moon.

It is orthopedically designed to be used both while sleeping or sitting to provide support and relief to the neck, arms, shoulders, lower back, hips, legs, and ankles. Such pillows generally have a memory foam filling, which is a high-density material known for providing comfort and molding to any body shape without collapsing. Memory foam can also distribute strain to all parts of the body equally, thus improving blood circulation as you sit or sleep.

The half moon pillow is also lightweight and can be carried along on vacations during car trips or flights. It has a cooling gel layer and a breathable cover to allow it to stay comfortably cool throughout the night. The covers can also be safely machine-washed and dried. 

Let’s look at the different ways in which we can use a half moon pillow.

Ways and Purposes of Using a Half Moon Pillow

While Sleeping

Under the Lumbar

The lumbar is the lower back part of your spine. It is a crucial part of the skeleton that supports the major weight of the body. Keeping a pillow directly under the small of your back while you sleep on your back can significantly relieve pressure from this area. 

Under the Knees/Thighs

Placing the half moon pillow under your knees or thighs when sleeping can help maintain the right posture in your hips, spine, and lower back. However, you need to sleep on your back to try this.

Under the Ankles

If you’ve been walking around in heels all day, placing the half moon pillow under your ankles will relieve all that pressure and pain.

Between the Legs

This is particularly beneficial for side sleepers as it can reduce back and hip pain. Place the pillow between your legs will align your spine and pelvis and make sure that your spine doesn’t rotate while you sleep, thus reducing any pain and even helping maintain posture. 

Under the Feet

You can also place your half moon pillow under your feet to elevate them. It is recommended by doctors to improve blood circulation, reduce swelling, and relieve varicose veins. The elevated position is known to help lower blood pressure in the legs and ease any tenderness after long periods of standing.

Under the Head

The half moon pillow, when placed under the head, raises it slightly higher than the rest of the body. This can help people who suffer from sinus headaches when they lie down. It also helps relieve pain in the neck region. Elevating the head is a good practice for heavy snorers and resolves problems like sleep apnea as it prevents collapse of the airways.

Under the Neck

If you suffer from a strained neck every morning and haven’t found a solution yet, a half moon pillow can help. You can place it under the neck to support your head and neck while sleeping on your side. This creates a position where you are hugging the pillow, providing better support for those who struggle with headrest pillows.

While Sitting

Behind the Back/Against the Wall

You can put the half moon pillow against the wall or the back of the couch while watching TV, reading, or resting on the couch or chair.

Back Support on Office Chair

If your work requires you to sit at the desk for long periods, then bring the half moon pillow to your office. Place it behind your lower back or against the back of the chair to support a good seated posture.

Under Your Feet

Even in a sitting position, you can rest your legs by elevating them. Simply place the half moon pillow under your feet.

During Pregnancy

The half moon pillow is safe to use during pregnancy by making sure you follow the right positions. You can also use this pillow safely to relieve stress and increase support to the fatigued parts of your body during pregnancy. However, if you face discomfort or pain during and after using it, then you should stop using it.

Parting Thoughts

A half moon pillow can be safely used even by those with no pain, injury, or pressure. Healthy people can use this pillow to improve their posture by placing the pillow under the lower back region as that’s where most of the pressure of the bodyweight goes.

The half moon pillow has so many applications, it is difficult to think of a product more versatile. Try it for yourself and let us know what works best for you.


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