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Holistic Wound Care Therapies for Chronic Wounds

Everyone experiences a wound once in a while, fortunately, most of these wounds are treatable at home. But there are serious wounds that may be slow to heal, causing worrisome complications that may hinder you from enjoying your day-to-day activities. Ashley Huddleston MD, offers holistic wound care services to promote healing.

When Should You Visit Your Doctor for Wound Care?

Infected wounds and deep wounds require professional wound care by a certified wound care specialist to prevent them from causing severe complications. The professional wound care specialists at Wound Evolution recommend that you seek immediate medical assistance if you develop ulcers on your feet. Ulcers need specialized wound care to prevent them from getting infected and accelerate your healing process.

What Kind of Wounds Can Professional Wound Care Address?

Most open wounds are usually minor and can be taken care of at home, but there are serious, deep wounds that need professional wound care, especially if there is a risk of infection. The skilled team at Wound Evolution -Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine offers personalized wound care for the following conditions:

  •             Arterial ulcers.
  •             Pressure sores.
  •             Foot ulcers or diabetic wounds.
  •             Surgical wound complications.
  •             Infected wounds.
  •             Venous leg ulcers.

Chronic wounds can take over a month to completely heal, which can be distressing. The longer your wound takes to heal, the higher the risk of getting severe infections that may invade your bones and cause serious damage to the surrounding tissues. In some cases, the wound may worsen and cause complications that may make it difficult to salvage your limb.

What Signs and Symptoms Can Professional Wound Care Address?

Some of the symptoms that may indicate that your wound is infected and is not healing well include:

  •               Foul odor.
  •               Red blotches or streaks emanating from your wound.
  •               Fever.
  •               The excruciating pain that worsens over time.
  •               Thick, discolored discharge.
  •               Drainage from your wound.
  •               Blue or dark color around the edges of your wound.
  •               Swelling and redness.

If you experience any of these symptoms, do not hesitate to contact Wound Evolution for professional wound care.

What Should You Expect During Wound Care?

The team at Wound Evolution conducts a thorough evaluation of your wound before recommending the most effective treatment. They may also review your medical history and assess the severity of your chronic wound. They may conduct diagnostic testing to determine the underlying cause of your painful chronic wound and identify potential complications such as bone infections. The team may also request transcutaneous oxygen testing, vascular studies, blood tests, MRI, and CT scans.

What Are the Available Wound Care Treatments?

The wound care specialists at Wound Evolution use cutting-edge therapies to accelerate your healing process and stabilize the wound. Some of the available wound care therapies include:

  •               Bioengineered skin grafts.
  •               Infection management.
  •               Hyperbaric oxygen therapy.
  •               Periwound skin management.
  •               Wound debridement.
  •               Compression therapy.
  •               Negative pressure wound therapy.
  •               Pressure off-loading.

After examining your wound and creating a wound care plan, the team may also request you to make minor lifestyle changes to promote healing. They may also refer you to a nutritional specialist for nutritional counseling.

For more information about wound care, contact the Wound Evolution or book your spot online.

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