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Geeky Ankur from Gujarat inching closer to fulfil his million dollar dream through his star-tup based on SEO

Ankur Patel was always fond of how things work behind the scenes. He was most curious about how a search engine works and thereupon he stumbled upon SEO. SEO is one such term which can send your business from zero to skyrocketing heights. Search Engine optimization has helped many companies to get the audience reach in very little time. The technique involves some major steps to be taken while defining the content of your pages and these techniques will help you to reach a maximum number of clients. 

Ankur began his journey with a blog of his where he published a handsome amount of posts. He was not getting much traffic where the niche was very common and can build traffic in less time. He was unable to think of the reasons for the failure of his blog because little did he know about Search Engine Optimisation and its techniques. The Big MNC’s sole fully depends on the SEO techniques to rank their sites and which is why they focus more on their digital marketing segment. There are few who know the magical SEO techniques and one such individual is Ankur Patel also known as Geeky Ankur who has served numerous MNC with his SEO techniques.

Ankur didn’t find the much-needed help from the people he approached to at the initial stage of his career. He had to go through numerous No as the answer to his questions. One day he came through a post where he found out how SEO is beneficial for a website, blog, or any web page to rank high in Search engines. Thereupon he started his research and completed numerous books which had “SEO” in the title. Now he is earning 6 figure amounts by providing his SEO services to many MNCs across the globe. 

Ankur Patel now has a group of more than 50 people who works under him and praises him a lot. He maintained a healthy atmosphere in the start-up and has also helped his employees during their tough times.  Ankur Patel is open to criticism from his team and has an active grievance redressal system in his office.

Ankur Patel also helped numerous other people in his line of business which in-turn produced revenue for them as well. Not only this, during the harsh time of Covid-19 when everyone was panicking, he selflessly helped numerous NGOs and needy people with food, sanitization kits, clothes, and more. Ankur Patel will soon be called the youngest millionaire of the area he lives. He has the power not only to transform a business but also to transform an average individual with no expertise in this field into an expert earning a hefty amount. He is a live example of what people can do if they start to give undivided attention to their goals and dreams. Hard work, never gives up attitude and Dedication have finally paid off for him in a good manner. 

Ankur Patel hails from Gujrat and he started his business of blogging at the age of 18. He next started providing SEO services and till now he had served more than 200 clients worldwide successfully. He was quite focused on life and now what to do exactly with his life. The majority of the start-ups fail because of low self-esteem and less confidence. He had the utmost faith in himself and his team which helped him to expand exponentially.

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