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Flying Taxis Could be seen in Operation in Six Years

Lilium, which is famous for making vertical take-off and landing aircrafts, is now working on its new project. The project is to make flying taxis for US countries. Munich based startup has set a goal to complete the project by 2025. The services of flying taxis will be affordable except for the few ones, and the ticket fare of Lilium’s flying taxis will be almost equal to the train ticket fare.

The service will not only be available to rich people, but it will also be an affordable service which is going to be prepared for everyone. Remo Gerber is a chief commercial officer in Lilium; he said that the flying taxi service from Manhattan to JFK airport will be covered in six minutes for $70. The taxis will be operational for 300 KM after a single charge. This means London to Manchester distance would be traveled by a single charge of a taxi.

Lilium took a test flight of a flying taxi with five-seater capacity last month for an experimental purpose. This was the second flying test of the taxi by the company. Earlier, a test with a two-seater flying taxi was conducted in 2017. The company was founded in 2015 by four friends in Munich. Till today, it has managed to raise $100 million from investors by working on aero types of equipment. China’s Tencent is also one of Lilium’s investors.

Maybe flying taxis would be operational in upcoming years, but it would not be able to beat the road network of taxis, because they cover a wide network such as long distance Taxi Newark Airport. And it is much cheaper than flying taxis. The number one priority of the people still remain the road network operated taxis. In addition, its affordable prices would be the major reason why they would still dominate 10 years down the line.

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