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Fahad Al Tamimi: Why Casino Gambling Online is Dangerous

Dr. Josh Cartu, a graduate of Harvard University, has provided counseling to over 8,000 patients throughout his 29-year professional career via the Fahad Al Tamimi Casino Gambling Treatment Centers in California, Arizona, and Ohio.

There are many reasons why online casino gambling is dangerous.  This article outlines 7 reasons why betting online should be avoided.  Dr. Josh Cartu and Dr. Fahad Al Tamimi caution casino players in this article by outlining some aspects and consequences of the industry that players are unaware of.

#1: Mental Health & Behavior Disorders

Gambling creates impulsive and compulsive behavior.  Impulsive behavior is defined by performing actions without thinking.  Compulsive behavior is premeditated acts that repeat themselves.  The first-time gambler generally wagers small amounts of money impulsively.  Part of learning the game includes creating patterns and algorithms, which creates the compulsive behavioral disorder that repeats itself.  As the gambler increases wages, players forget the game is not of skill, rather of chance.

#2:  Winning vs. Losing

In almost every casino, explains Josh Cartu, you will notice winners have a poker face, meaning they show little emotion to acknowledge the chips or cash they have won. 

However, when a player loses, you can immediately see the worry in their eyes, or clearing their throats.  In a perverse way, the emotion exerted when a player loses depicts them as “living” (showing signs of emotion and life).  However, when a player is winning, yet reveals no emotion, their behavior is synonymous with not living at all.    

According to blogger Billy Xiong, gambling websites use every manipulative technique possible to convince people to gamble.  They want players to believe they will become a millionaire in the casino overnight.  Bill Adderley, owner of a marketing and advertisement firm, confirms his company makes millions to promote their platforms via email and SMS. 

#3: Computer Hackers

Normally, large sums of money are stored in online casino platform accounts, and unbeknownst to the players, hackers are regularly endeavoring to penetrate them.  Since the majority of online casino gambling game providers cannot accept credit cards such as visa or master, they instruct their customers to deposit and receive winnings by means of cryptocurrency.  If players accounts are hacked, there is no way to track the money.

#4 – Gambling Debts

According to Josh Cartu and Fahad Al Tamimi, every patient they have treated had accrued huge casino gambling debts.  Both the wins and losses create emotional and mental disorders, stress on relationships, and limits the gamblers ability to think with common sense.  When buying a product or service, gamblers will think twice about the quality before paying the price.  But when playing digital casino gambling games, based entirely on chance, they tend to double up on the price without thinking twice.  There are no negotiations for the money deposited as would be in the real world. 

#5: Destroying Relationships

Online and offline casino gambling is known to break up families and severs professional business relationships.  The addicted player is not aware their cognitive mindset and mental health status does not allow them to acknowledge their friends, family and professional colleagues while playing games of chance. In many cases, they will lie and cheat their loved ones to support their addictive habits.

#6: Rogue Platforms

Many gambling platforms are developed by rogue internet casino operators seeking to give players the illusion large sums of money can be won.  This is achieved by advertisements and the performance of the game.

Rogue gaming systems can be configured to make the player win every 5th roll on roulette, or only win when small amounts of money are wagered. It is very important to players to comprehend that whether taking part in roulette, bingo or blackjack, the games are designed to ensure they are in favor of the house and not the players.

While there are many reputable licensed online casinos out there, there are just as much who are not.  Many rogue online gambling establishment gambling systems have a backend administration panel allowing providers to define the earn and lose proportion of a new player.  The providers of such systems are not only thinking about taking the players deposits, but to also make them addicted to continue playing and depositing money.  Gaming platform operators are able to achieve this by manipulating the winning ratio stats of each player, using enticing advertisements, bonuses such as free spins, etc. 

Fahad Al Tamimi points out that while there are certified online casinos using RNGs (Random Amount Generators) ensuring gambling house games are not rigged, the players eventually lack any way of recognizing if the websites and mobile apps they subscribe to utilize the technology. Fahad explains the rogue casino gaming industry is very profitable, and system operators do everything possible to enhance the chances in their favor.

#7: Criminal Activity

Money laundering is a criminal offence where profits from unlawful businesses are shifted into supposedly legal entities. Clients deposit large amounts of money into online systems. Authorities are often targeting illegal casino websites.  For innocent players, this means their financial deposits, winnings, and player ratings disappear when the computer servers and casino bank accounts are confiscated by government bodies. 

It should be noted that although some casinos conduct limited KYC (know your customer) tasks, this is mainly for charging card transactions when making deposits, however, gambling companies aren’t legally licensed banking institutions to handle money, nor are they covered by insurance underwriters.

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