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Facial Treatments to Give Your Face a Youthful Glow

Anyone who wants to enhance her looks will attest that making your face look and feel great is a struggle. Even though it is vital to know the proper treatment that might best work for you, finding the ideal treatment requires consulting with a professional. Your McDonough Ideal MedSpas aesthetician may recommend signature facials if you have sensitive skin and wish to flaunt a refreshed, healthy and youthful glow. Unfortunately, no single process can address all your concerns. Decide what you would like to handle first before moving to the next process. 

What are the various types of facials your aesthetician might recommend?

  • Classic

The facial type entails cleansing, extractions, exfoliating, and moisturizing your skin. Thanks to its calming nature, the classic facial is ideal for every skin type. Before cleaning out your clogged pores, you may ask your healthcare provider to steam your face to soften the pores. However, steaming might not be a recommendation if you have skin conditions like eczema or rosacea because the process might worsen your condition. Instead of steaming, the medical professional might use a warm towel. Additionally, extractions might be slightly uncomfortable. Therefore, tell your doctor to stop if the extractions are too intense and unbearable.

  • Lymphatic massage

The gentle kneading on specific areas of your face helps relieve facial tension and prevent water retention, lessening puffiness. Your lymphatic system has the significant task of eliminating waste from your body. Therefore, by stimulating the lymphatic glands on your face, the medical professional enhances your circulation, giving you a radiant and glowing complexion.

  • Anti-aging

Anti-aging treatments attack the premature aging signs present on your face and neck. Your aesthetician will incorporate traditional facial treatments in combination antioxidant-heavy serums, hydration elements, and ingredients like collagen. Your healthcare provider might ask you to let your skin heal after particular intense treatments to prevent flaking and peeling.  

  • Electric current

The facial treatment prompts your doctor to use a microcurrent machine and wet sponges to administer electric waves to various areas of your face and neck. The current flow stimulates and tightens your underlying muscles, making the treatment a minimally invasive alternative to procedures like dermal fillers.

  • Brightening

Your healthcare provider will most likely recommend brightening as a facial treatment if you have dull, sun-damaged skin that requires revitalization. The process mainly targets hyperpigmentation, evening out your complexion with effective antioxidants. During the procedure, your aesthetician will use a combination of acid treatments, masks, and enzyme peels to eliminate accumulating dead skin cells to give you a radiant glow.

  • LED

Light therapy uses particular wavelengths to address flares and inflammation, making it ideal for treating acne. The painless treatment also helps stimulate cell growth and minimize skin blemishes and aging signs, thus enhancing your overall appearance.

How do you choose a facial type?

Choosing the ideal treatment to address your cosmetic goals might be challenging since there are several options to select from. Additionally, no facial treatment will address your various concerns. Therefore, your doctor might advise you to choose the issue you would love to deal with first. You may consult your healthcare provider for advice to know the facial to use at what stage.  

Do not let your face age prematurely when you can contact your doctor for professional help. 

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