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Facebook Launches ‘Community Actions’ Feature to Attract Local Authorities

Facebook has proposed to launch a new feature in the news feed “Community Actions” to let users put demands in front of local authorities. And if there is sufficient support for certain demands then the government agencies will think of taking the necessary actions to fulfill the demands of the local communities. This feature has already been launched in a couple of markets and it received a positive response. Now, it is going to unveil for the US users but soon it is expected to come out in the other countries too.

In this feature namely “Community Actions”, people can fill the title, description, and images of their requests. Also, they can tag the respective government agencies to attract their attention towards it. Not only this, there will be a facility for other users to support these demands and carry out a proper discussion before taking any stand. Apart from this, Community Actions will have its own discussion feed where users will be able to leave comments, create fundraisers and organize facebook events. Also, the petitioners could see how many people actually support their petitions but such supports can only be their friends.

As we know that a coin has two sides, so it the case with this Facebook feature. Some people could use it for polarisation and supporting some ridiculous requests. It has been seen in the past that Facebook had been used by some miscreants. Facebook will also design some ways to avoid such illicit events from happening. Community Actions feature will not be going to arrive in India anytime soon. This will require some time to be launched in India.


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