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ENGELSINN: Growing In The E-commerce World With Its Unparalleled Designs And Exceptional Creations In Accessories And Jewels

ENGELSINN lays out a few common mistakes that online jewelry businesses or designers must avoid making.

The world of the internet and the digital space gives opportunities to all who ask for it and to all those as well who show great potential as an industry to grow in the long run with their e-commerce businesses. The space of e-commerce has also been on a continuous rise and has been flourishing since so many years. People’s choices and the shift in their buying behaviour have shown their affinity towards making purchases online. ENGELSINN, a German brand slowly made its name synonymous to success swiftly but seamlessly making its place in the competitive e-commerce world for jewelry. This online jewelry and accessories brand has grown from being just a startup to being a rapidly expanding online firm within just a year by avoiding many mistakes that new online jewelry businesses and designers make.

Below are a few common mistakes that new jewelry e-commerce brands must avoid making:

  • Avoiding to initiate a website: The most prominent presence that brands can have is by building a trustworthy image in customers and this happens when they open up a website for their brand. People believe what they see and what they see is what tempts them to buy. ENGELSINN very cleverly used their website, in increasing their sales by making it extremely user-friendly and offering an interface easy to understand. This gave customers a comprehensive view of their products, compelling them to buy from the German brand.
  • Not making use of integrated payment gateways: This is one of the most crucial aspects of an e-commerce brand where payment gateways authorize payments for retailers. It ensures the security of sensitive information like credit card details, etc.from customers to the merchant to the payment processor using encryption. Not using this can make the website less user-friendly. ENGELSINN has been forward with each of their features on their websites, whether it is the layout of their website or payment methods, everything has been made hassle-free for customers, which makes it easier for all.
  • Not creating a social media account: This is the worst mistake an e-commerce brand can make. The real road to reach more people across countries has to be through the effective use of social media and that can happen only if online stores open an account on the medium. Not having a social media presence does not earn the trust of people and give an image of being unorganized and unprofessional. ENGELSINN has a great presence on social media, where on Instagram; their followers have already increased to more than 300K. They keep the interaction and engagement with people alive which has led to their increased brand value, respect and recognition.

The online jewelry store based from Germany has expanded itself by catering to many other continents of the world as well. ENGELSINN proves to be a great example of how a team can grow from having 4 members to having 20 members, gaining recognition on a global platform with their priceless jewels for women and unique armbands for men, amongst other collections of jewelry.

Check out ENGELSINN on Instagram: @EngelsInn

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