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Elisha Elbaz on the rise of mobile apps during Covid -19

This year has been a turmoil year globally. With the pandemic still happening, many people are anxious about going back to their normal lives. Earlier on this year, the world was in a lockdown in order to help combat the deadly virus, covid-19. During the lockdown, many people were distanced from family members, due to the fear of being high risk individuals. In some countries residents became furlough from their jobs and tried to find ways to entertain themselves indoors.

Since we live in a digital age, technology was the answer for the majority of populations. That means that plenty of mobile apps were downloaded for different reasons. CEO Elisha Elbaz, who is the owner of the digital marketing company ‘Digital Future’ stated, “we live in a fast world where technology is of importance. It is no surprise that mobile apps were doubled in downloads; especially when we were in lockdown.” For Digital Future as a company, on some niches, they have seen a sharp increase of up to 250% in app installs so far.

The stats

Mobile apps are expected to generate $189 billion in the year of 2020. There are 2.2 million apps available on the Apple store to download, whereas on the Google Play store there are 2.8 million available. Elisha explains that “If you are an app developer and you are weary about releasing your app now, don’t be. Now is the perfect time to release your app and you can always seek professional assistance for marketing.”

Tik Tok is just one of the apps that took everyone by surprise, during the lockdown. More and more users from around the world were creating comedy skints and videos, by using Tik Tok as their main platform. Elisha advises that, “a good marketing campaign behind your app is what will get you the downloads. Do not be demotivated by the fact that there are over 2 million apps out there; because yours might just be the new app that everyone will want to be using.”

Last year, over 205 billion apps were downloaded, whereas this year there has been a 15% increase. By the year of 2022, there will be an additional 25%, which means that mobile apps will stay as a long term trend. 

The right content

There are a ton of apps out there that are used for different purposes. Entrepreneur and social media influencer Elisha explains, “You can never really narrow down what is the best app out there. When I work alongside app developers, I solely focus on the right kind of marketing and audience that is needed for their app. Someone may be interested in an app that helps them do budgeting, whereas the other person can be interested in an app that helps them learn a language. Just as long as the app developer knows what kind of content they want to create, it can easily be promoted.”

During the pandemic, many people are using apps that involve games, online banking, social media and connecting with family members. Zoom is another app that has boosted in popularity, since it offers the service of business meetings in the format of video calling. It is still popular in countries such as the UK for virtual quiz nights with friends or colleagues.

Since social distancing is still in place, many artists are doing virtual events in order to raise awareness for social distancing. It is another trend that has spiked rapidly, which may stick around for a long time. Elisha has stated, “since we do not know when the pandemic will be over, these mobile apps that have become a trend will probably stick around for a long time. We do not know when things will go back to normal and people tend to stay safer on these apps, rather than going out.”

Even though the coronavirus has affected the economy for many countries and has caused a halt to the tourism industry, it has also boosted the popularity and usage of technology – which includes mobile apps. With the discovery of mobile apps from many people around the globe, there will continue to be an exploration of new apps and what they can provide as content to all users. 

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