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Elementary School Teacher and Aide Suspended for Verbally Abusing Students with Autism

A classroom teacher and aide at Pasadena Lake Elementary School, Pembroke Pines have been removed from the school for allegedly verbally abusing students with autism. The investigations are pending by the district and Broward County Sheriff Office. The verbal abuse was recorded with “Angel Device”, an electronic device through which parents of children with autism can listen to their children’s immediate environment.

Among the retrieved recordings is one with the voice of a woman saying, “So do your work. (Inaudible) Drag you’re a– over there. Watch me. Try me and two other clips containing profane words and screams at a child.

According to Matt Adar, one of the parents, the recordings were made after he equipped his 6-year-old autistic son with the Angel Device. He claimed he decided to use the device because his son started using swear words at home which he could only have picked up in school.

In his exact words, “My son mimics everything he hears, but he wasn’t whispering it. He was saying it in an aggressive tone. ‘Get over here. I’m going to eff you up. Get over here. I’m going to mess you up.’ So I knew he must have picked it up from an authoritative figure.”

In a statement received from Broward County Public Schools, the district had taken swift action against the teacher and the aide by following proper protocol and contacting all appropriate agencies.

All forms of abuse, including verbal, are prohibited in school areas and are graver offenses when used against children living with medical conditions.

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