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Effective Endometrial Ablation Treatment for Abnormal Menstruation in GA

According to medical statistics, millions of women struggle with painful menstrual periods worldwide. Do you suffer from painful and heavy menstrual periods every month, and you are done having children? If so, you don’t have to worry anymore. Kristan Adams, MD, and Lillian Schapiro, MD at Ideal Gynecology, LLC, can help you. They are experienced in delivering minimally invasive in-office McDonough endometrial ablation to resolve abnormal menstruation problems that do not improve using other ways. For more inquiries on how the treatment can help, call the McDonough, Georgia office or book an appointment online.

What Exactly is Endometrial Ablation?

This refers to a medical procedure for treating painful and heavy periods. While there are various non-invasive methods of treating problems with menstrual periods, such as medication, some women have persistent problems that don’t respond to these treatment types. Other women go for Endometrial Ablation System to treat heavy and painful periods.

The experienced team at Ideal Gynecology, LLC utilizes Minerva Endometrial Ablation System that uses heat energy to destroy the uterine endometrium lining hence easing the symptoms significantly. Following endometrial ablation, it’s essential to use effective methods of birth control as it’s contraindicated to become pregnant. Therefore, endometrial ablation is only ideal for women who are sure they don’t need more kids.

Do You Qualify for Endometrial Ablation?

To know whether you qualify for endometrial ablation, you will require to undergo an evaluation to evaluate the cause of your painful and heavy periods. Your doctor might recommend an ultrasound scan or a sonohysterogram to check why you are experiencing severe periods. A hysteroscopy is also important in determining whether your painful periods are caused by identifiable causes such as polyps, uterine fibroids, precancerous or cancerous cells. However, endometrial ablation is best for women who don’t want to get pregnant in the future. This is because the procedure removes the endometrial walls of the uterus useful during pregnancy.

What Occurs During Endometrial Ablation

Minerva Endometrial Ablation is a minimally invasive treatment procedure that can be easily carried out in an in-office appointment at Ideal Gynecology, LLC. First, the doctor will give you pain medication at the office. You will then change into a comfortable gown. After analyzing the essential signs, you will get into the procedure room, where you will have a paracervical block that numbs your uterus. The doctors use a special instrument to stabilize your cervix then insert a tiny camera to give a detailed view of the inside of the uterus. This will guide your physician when conducting the endometrial ablation treatment. This method only takes a few minutes to complete. Unlike the hysterectomy procedure that was the only solution for severe periods, endometrial ablation is less invasive and easier.

In conclusion, you should not struggle any longer with painful and heavy periods, particularly if you have finished having children.  The specialists at Ideal Gynecology, LLC will monitor you to determine if endometrial ablation is the appropriate option for your painful and heavy menstrual periods. If you are experiencing severe periods in and around Georgia, call or book an appointment online with Ideal Gynecology, LLC today.

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