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Dragon Quest Builders 2 is an Excellent Sandbox Adventure

Dragon Quest Builders is always fun and colourful. And it also fuses with action and a minecraft-esque style of base building. The incredible design of Dragon Ball is due to Akira Toriyama. And he is back with his gorgeous character design, which fills the world with gruesome monsters and valiant heroes.

Builders are an important part of advancement of society. It is a heavy responsibility that you take. Also, the world you live in is under the oppressive rule of the Children of Hargon. Hargon is an evil group of monsters that kidnaps builders.

Minecraft style Dragon Quest Builders 2 starts with you being a captive, aboard the Hargon Ship. After that, marooned on a barren island, you create a kingdom. It gives you a Robinson Crusoe feel. You also try to the save the world from the Lord of Destruction.

Story of Dragon Quest is thrilling. It builds plot quests and free building. And it give you enough creative freedom to check off every box you need to move the story ahead. Plus, the writing is great and it has a vibe of Saturday morning cartoon.

The island is the Isle of Awakening. It is here that you build your home and expand your base and army. Also, it is the focal point of all your adventures. But from here you also visit other unique islands where your specific skill set helps people in need.

Dragon Quest is an addictive game, and its Builders 2 easily eats up all your time. You don’t even know what hit you, and which day you are in. It is pretty easy to get lost in it once you start playing it with your friends.

The game is a creative sandbox for players. Especially players who look for a big adventure with quirky characters and the freedom to do what they love. Also this version is am upgrade of the First Dragon Quest Builders game. This time you enjoy an improved version.

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