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Did you know about Body Sculpting?

Your body is made up of many tissues that give it shape and size. Tissues are made up of cells that store minerals and fat. However, fat may accumulate in the tissues making your body appear shapeless and huge. Due to the growth in technology, you do not have to worry about the excess fat in your tissues. Body sculpting is a non-surgical procedure that you can undergo to remove excessive fat. Body sculpting is mostly done by women for beauty enhancement. Fort Worth body sculpting is a health care center that you can consult to improve your body appearance. Below are types of non-surgical body sculpting methods.

Types of body sculpting

There are three types of non-surgical body sculpting you can undergo. They include:

  • Radiofrequency lipolysis. Radiofrequency lipolysis makes use of ultrasound waves and heat to destroy fat cells and cellulose. The device that generates heat and ultrasound waves is passed over your skin where the fat has accumulated. The procedure is not painful, thus no need for local or general anesthesia. The main treatment areas that radiofrequency lipolysis treats are the abdomen and flanks. This treatment helps to reduce the tummy in women, thus giving them a perfect waist. The treatment can be done in the doctor’s office, which can take half an hour or a whole hour to complete.
  • Injection lipolysis. This technique targets the fatty cells and tissues by injecting deoxycholic acid into the treatment area. Injections treat submental areas such as the chin. According to research, deoxycholic acid is injected to stimulate the natural components responsible for destroying excessive fat. The treatment is done after an examination to check the occurrence of side effects. Treatment may take about thirty minutes, and the results are seen after the supplement has metabolically destroyed the fatty cells. You can suffer from inflammation around the area of treatment due to scars made during the injection. To get the best outcome, you have the treatment procedure several times.
  • Cryolipolysis. The Cryolipolysis technique uses freezing technology to destroy fatty tissues. During this process, no needles, surgery, or invasiveness are needed to damage fatty cells. Due to this characteristic, there is no need for anesthesia. Cryolipolysis is the most used technique in body sculpting because it has a high rank of success compared with other methods. It targets areas such as the abdomen, thighs, flanks, arms, buttocks, underneath, back fat, and bra. Treatment can be done in the hospital or at the doctor’s office during the day of the appointment. The procedure takes about one hour to complete, and results can be seen after several days. For you to have an excellent outcome, it is advisable to get treatment more frequently.

Body sculpting is a cosmetic procedure that helps to eliminate excess fat in your body tissues and cells. Your doctor will approve the type of treatment to undergo after examination and check-up. If you need to improve your body appearance, consult Skin Deep Laser MD for body sculpting.

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