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Contact An Attorney Before Your Insurance Company After An Accident

Accident victims often connect with an attorney after they have contacted the insurance company. But the experts say it is better to contact an attorney first and foremost and then talk to the insurance company through the personal injury lawyer. The Atlanta car accident lawyer can handle the communications with the insurance company in a far better way. Insurers do not want to give you the exact claim and may talk you into taking a lower claim. Thus you end up compromising on your claim.

Even if you have contacted the insurance company representative, you will realize how important it is for the attorney to do the conversations. The talks with the insurance representative are triggering. The representative might have denied to entertain you or will use every way possible to deny your claim. If the insurance company denies the claim it can land you in a pathetic situation with the mounting medical bills.

An attorney can step in and question the denial of the insurance company to pay you. They can help dispute the denial and achieve your rightful compensation. The insurance company can make many claims like the cover did not cause the accident, or you caused the accident, or try to establish that another party is liable to pay for the accident.

Your appointed attorney will investigate the accident and determine who will bear the liability. They will work on your behalf, for your benefit. They will look for evidence, talk to the witnesses and access all the official information from the police, hospital etc to make your case strong. It is easier for them to investigate the public records and carry out the investigation as they are experienced in this work. Thus an attorney is the first person you should contact as soon as you meet with an accident.

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