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Call A Lawyer To Help With Wrongful Death Claim

If someone causes the death of another person, they are criminally charged with a wrongful death suit wherein they are punished either by asking them to pay fines or imprisoning them or both. But in such criminal cases no financial damages are paid to the family of the deceased. However the family can file a civil suit to receive the damages.

The individual who is accused of causing the wrongful death is the defendant while the individual who brings the wrongful death claim is called the plaintiff. Plaintiff is a close family member of the deceased filing the lawsuit on behalf of all the heirs of the deceased. If a will is present of the deceased person then the plaintiff acts as the executor of their estate or a personal representative.

The family members of the deceased receive the damages in case of a wrongful death case that includes the loss of inheritance, medical bills of the deceased and the funeral expenses. In addition to these quantifiable factors the damages for non-measurable factors like pain and suffering, loss of parental guidance, loss of consortium, are also included.

The wrongful death attorney Long Island should be contacted immediately when a loved one is lost due to the negligent or intentional act by someone else. It is not something that comes organically to anyone but it is necessary. Only a lawyer can guide you on the legal matters proficiently. They will help you with the wrongful death claim which will ease your financial burden if not the emotional void left behind. The financial aftermath can be taken care of by the wrongful death lawyer.

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