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Buzz About Google Update Earlier last month; Yet Sensors show nothing

There has been a chatter going on within the SEO community around a Google update starting for sometime but the sensors haven’t been triggered yet. The automated tracking sensors from Mozcast, SEMRush, RankRanger and others are showing nothing at all. There has been chit chat about the same in all social media platforms and forums.

SEOs have been chatting and complaining about big changes to the keywords in tracking and in their client rankings in the forums at WebmasterWorld and Black Hat World. They have been writing that the keywords are disappearing and reasoning that it maybe due to a Google update that might be in process. Some travel-planning site’s traffic have taken a dip since a day or two.

Experts offering New York City SEO services are contemplating that something big is definitely coming up. They are gazing at huge amount of bot activity. The shuffling has been down by another 3%. Some are even second guessing whether the entertainment, news, and health sites are seeing huge movements.

Forums are filled with questions like- “Is there any update going on ? why all my keywords disappear again?”, “Am seeing huge drop of rankings and traffic to my site and competitors site is there any algorithm update”, “Took another 10% drop today, the sensors are being nicely fooled.”

Some have even experienced 30% less traffic to their sites than the same day of the last week. The ranks of the sites have suffered. But the tracking aren’t showing anything. They are definitely not mentioning any big changes. Experts are calling it weird as the industry chatter and automated tracking tools do not align.

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