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Bo Boy 20 Shares Tips on Building Your Fanbase as an Upcoming Rapper

According to Bo Boy 20 Building your fanbase as an upcoming rapper is something you don’t need to wait for until you can record in big studios or have the dopest music videos. The biggest artists of today all started out just by putting out their music into the world. They started with releasing videos of covers of popular songs on Youtube like Ed Sheeran or Justin Bieber. And Also The Wknd started out with just releasing his music with a picture throughout the whole video on Youtube.

Through covers or remixes of popular tracks you can easily start building your fanbase fast. This also counts for upcoming rappers. Just do a lot of remixes of popular tracks. People already searching for the original track and might like your remix also!

The point is that if you want to grow your fanbase as an upcoming rapper you’ll need to start right away and be smart and consistent with it! Getting new fans and interacting with your old fans is part of your everyday life and is always possible on YouTube – no matter where you are in the world. YouTube got billions of users worldwide. Youtube plays a crucial role in the success of upcoming rappers and artists.

With these tips, you can strengthen your relationship with your fans, increase the number of hits and subscribers, and ultimately influence how your music is shared and recommended.

What you shouldn’t do when building your fanbase

Bo Boy 20 says lot of upcoming rappers and independent artist who are just starting out or even been making music for a little while all try to get fans through directly putting their music in front of peoples faces. Like sending mass DM’s on Instagram and most of the time even without a friendly message to check out their music!

This is something thats really annoying also because everybody is doing it cause it seems like the only way to get heard when you’re just starting out!

Have genuine conversations to build your fanbase like Bo Boy 20

So instead of directly asking people to check out your music (or not even asking and just putting it in their faces) you can have real and genuine conversations with people. Ask them questions about themselves.

When you ask them about themself and really listen and respond to them they will eventually also ask more about you. And now you can just tell them about your music and even let them hear something of it! Now its more likely you’ve gained yourself another fan!

Give your fanbase a place to check out your music

A little side note: If someone asks you for your music, it’s perfectly fine to tell them where they can listen to it ofcourse! You just not want to force your music on people!

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Give your fanbase a reason to keep supporting you

Once you start building a little fanbase you’ll need to give your fans a reason to keep supporting you!

Your fans are investing their time and money in your career so you’ve got to make sure their getting something in return for their effort. And this is not only about consistenly releasing new music.

Actively connect with people and get noticed

Now you’ve come to the point in your career to build and leverage the right connections. You want to get noticed by people who will bring you to that next level. People like managers, event organizations, good rap producers and popular artist. This way you can collaborate with them and broaden your audience of listeners and fans.

In today’s world you can achieve a lot by just connecting with people on the internet, but nothing beats the connections you make face to face. So you’ll need to attend events in the scene and been seen and connect with people in your local area. The more people see you the more they will get interested in you and the more people will find out about your music.

You can follow more about Bo Boy 20 on Instagram @BoBoy20_

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